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With independent factory and advanced machinery and equipment, the factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. At present, it has more than 300 employees and has the ability to independently research and develop products.
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Our company employees over 300 people, with a monthly capacity of 550,000 units, all of which are manufactured to multiple standards, including CE, RoHS, FCC UN38.3 and MSDS. Our company philosophy is quality first, customer first.

We adhere to the business philosophy of“integrity-based innovation”, providing global consumers with environmentally-friendly, safe and reliable mobile digital peripheral products, making each product more suitable for life.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth headsets?

The biggest advantage of the Bluetooth headset is that it eliminates the fetters of the connecting wire, and can be used unrestricted within a connection range of 10 meters. Switching music, answering calls, etc. can be directly operated on the Bluetooth headset.     Especially when dri...

Five types of wireless Bluetooth headsets

For a lazy person who is used to wireless Bluetooth headsets, it is probably difficult to return to using wired headsets. Of course, enthusiasts are scornful of Bluetooth headsets, and the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets really can’t compare with wired headsets, let alone Hi-Fi. But for...

How to Choose A USB Car Charger?

As the time in the car increases, the time to use the mobile phone is also increased greatly, and the USB car charger has become a must-have for the car owner. Nowaday, the battery life of the mobile phone is limited, and the USB car charger can recharge the mobile phone in time. So how to choose...

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