The difference between UPS power supply and mobile power supply

UPS is the abbreviation of uninterruptible power system (uninterruptible power system), and it is an important external device that can provide continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply. UPS distributes dividends in three categories: backup type, online type and online interactive type according to the operating principle. UPS can maintain a period of power supply when the mains supply is suspended, so that everyone has time to save and then close the machine calmly.


UPS power supply is divided into online and backup types. When the machine is working, it will invert the AC power of the mains and store it in the personal power supply. Once the power supply is stopped, it can supply power to the computer. Persist in the homework for a period of time, the persistence time may be 10 minutes, half an hour, etc.


The mobile power supply can be used as a charging power supply or an external power supply for digital electronics such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, notebook computers, PDAs, PSPs, MP3/MP4, etc., which can charge digital products repeatedly or for long periods of time. Continuous power supply can solve the problem that digital products cannot be charged and cannot be operated for a long time without mains. Mobile power products have been widely favored because of their large capacity, wide compatibility, simplicity, fashion, and smart security.

Post time: Aug-28-2021