Phone Charger

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. As the mobile phone is used for a long time, we charge the mobile phone more times, the battery power of the mobile phone becomes more and more insufficient. This is because as the mobile phone is charged more, the battery is damaged.

First, don’t play with the phone while charging. When you play with your mobile phone while charging, the mobile phone will be in the input and output state at the same time, and the lithium battery will heat up due to the heavy workload, which will consume the battery. Therefore, after a long time, your mobile phone will appear to be fully charged and consume very quickly.

Secondly,try to keep the phone in flight or off when charging. It can turn off the operation of some software in the phone, leaving the phone in a relatively relaxed state. If you turn on the airplane mode or turn on the phone, some software in the phone will run automatically when charging. In this way, the phone will be in a running state and consume power.

Thirdly, use the original charging cable to charge as much as possible. The power of the original mobile phone charging cable is designed according to the mobile phone, in order to allow the mobile phone to charge quickly.

At last, when we use the charging cable, we must often clean the dust on the charging port. It is ignored by many people. If the charging cable has been used for a long time, there must be some dust at both ends, which will affect the current input, and may also make the charging cable port unable to adapt to the mobile phone. This is why the charging cable cannot be charged after being used for a long time.

Post time: Sep-14-2020