Mobile power supply manufacturers popular science portable power bank knowledge

Hello everyone, I am the editor. Today, I will introduce the difference between the hardware version and the software version of the portable power bank knowledge popularization. The following content is compiled by the editor of the mobile power supply manufacturer, and the relevant content is for reference.

1. Looking at the appearance, we can't see any effect. In fact, they are almost the same, but the editor can reveal the secret of the industry: All emergency mobile power supplies of 2000mA and below use the hardware version.


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2. The power bank hardware board is generally composed of discrete components, which cannot be programmed and controlled, and only some basic functions can be implemented rigidly. The software board uses a smart chip processor, which can be programmed, that is, a microcomputer is controlling it, which can realize any automatic detection function, and it can also be called a thoughtful board. It's just like the current mobile phone. Before it was an ordinary mobile phone, now everyone is using a popular smart phone!


3. The identification method of the portable power bank software board: When charging the mobile phone with the mobile power supply of the software board, as long as the mobile phone is connected to the mobile power supply, the mobile power supply will automatically recognize the mobile phone and charge the mobile phone without any other operations; when charging There is also a corresponding indication circuit; when the mobile phone is fully charged, the smart mobile power supply will automatically turn off the output and enter the dormant state to save power for your mobile power supply, and it will not damage your mobile phone. The above is the difference between the hardware board and the software board of the mobile power supply. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Post time: Aug-28-2021