Does using power bank for a long time harm the phone?

The power bank is an epoch-making product. As long as the power bank is in hand, you will no longer be afraid that your phone will run out.

Some people may ask whether the power bank damages our digital hardware or battery?

First of all, using a high-end power bank that meets the specifications will not damage the digital hardware. The power bank must meet the standards of electronic products.

Second,the power bank must have a constant current during the discharge process. The current cannot be too large or too small.

Third, the output voltage of the power bank must be stable. The output voltage should be ensured in a stable region between 4.2V and 5V. Too high may damage the appliance.

Fourth, the protection circuit of the power bank must pass. Over discharge, over current and short circuit must be protected by triple protection.

In general, the output voltage and current of the power bank are stable, and the protection system is well done, and it will not cause damage to digital products and batteries.

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Post time: Sep-11-2020